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The following can be put down the drain safely with plenty of water:
Alcohol based lotions, aftershaves, perfumes, etc.
Aluminum cleaners
Ammonia based cleaners
Bathroom cleaners
Drain cleaners
Hair permanent lotions;/relaxers
Rust remover (phosphoric acid)
Toilet bowl cleaner
Trisodium phosphate (cleaner)
Tub and tile cleaners
Water based glue
Window cleaners
Windshield washer fluid
Anti-freeze can be safely disposed in the same manner only if you are on a
public sewer system.

You can landfill the following:
Aerosol cans (when emptied)
Auto body repair products
Fertilizer (without herbicides)
Household batteries
Over cleaner (lye based)
Paint strippers (lye base)
Powdered cleansers
Shoe polish