Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Vinton Solid Waste Management District

Policy Committee




The Policy Committee of the Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Vinton Solid Waste Management District met Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 3:00 p.m.

Call to Order

Chairman, Harold Montgomery, called the meeting to order @ 3:10 p.m.  

Roll Call was taken with the following members present:  Gallia County: Harold Montgomery, Brett Boothe, Doug Lester, James Allen, Barb Bradley; Jackson County: Jerry Hall, Bill Sheward - Proxy for Randy Heath, Greg Ervin, Roy Arthur, Tom Woltz; Meigs County:  Tom Anderson, Jon Jacobs, Marilyn Anderson, Keith Little -  Proxy for Larry Marshall; Vinton County: Janelle McManis, Mike Bledsoe.  Guests included:  Matthew Hittle, Ohio EPA; Bill Cole, District Attorney;  Nick Rupert, Jr. of Rumpke.  District Staff present were Terri Marchi, Mike Massie and Cindy Saltsman.


Old Business


Minutes of 12/15/11 were reviewed.  Mike Bledsoe made a motion to accept 12/15/11 minutes, Jon Jacobs seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.


Director’s Report  Terri Marchi gave the time line for the Plan Update.  9/29/2012 is to be the official begin date of the prep for the Plan. We have to have a Draft version ready by the end December 2013.  EPA has 45 days to review our draft and make comments and we make what revisions that needs to be made.  We then have 18 months for the ratification process.  We also have public comment and a public hearing during that time.  Plan Ratification is different from when did the Fee Ratification.  A non response counted as a yes on the Fee Ratification.  Terri read the rules for clarification from Matt Hittle: “Failure of a legislative authority to deliver a resolution or ordinance on plan approval does not constitute a vote of either yes or no”.  Matt said that is correct.  Terri asked if someone doesn’t send back, is doesn’t mean a “no” vote, it just means absence of vote.  Matt said that was correct and the requirement was you had to have 60% of the yes votes.  Terri told the Committee that it was their responsibility to develop and determine what is to be in our Plan, the responsibility of the Board of Directors is to implement the Plan once it is ratified.  Terri said she would like to have volunteers for a committee to work on plan development.


Terri introduced Matthew Hittle of Ohio EPA.   Matt gave a presentation on the history of Solid Waste Management Districts and reviewed the Plan process and duties of the Policy Committee.  That presentation is attached as part of these minutes.


Terri then read the following from her report and wanted insight from Matt:

The Ohio EPA is continuing its review/revision of Ohio’s solid waste laws and will be holding meetings with stakeholders through the end of July. Beginning in August, the agency plans to develop its formal proposal for revisions to the laws and will hold public hearings on that proposal.  Following the finalization of the proposal, EPA plans to launch its legislative initiative in January 2013.  It is possible that EPA may propose revisions to the General Assembly that will, among other things, alter the authority of districts to collect and utilize funds from disposal fees and implement programs designed to manage district waste and recycling.  Other revisions could reduce the number of solid waste districts in Ohio.  Currently we have 52 and the EPA could propose that the number of districts be reduced to 8-10.  CCAO and OSWDO have developed their legislative priorities with respect to the waste law review and this document has been submitted to the EPA for consideration in the review process.  Those are some of the things that are being discussed.  SB 290, though tabled, proposed some changes on how we do recycling. One of those being if two or more private haulers are operating recycling in a community then solid waste districts such as ours, would not be allowed to expend monies any longer for recycling services.  Terri said there are a lot of changes and a lot of things that would affect our District being discussed right now and asked Matt if he had anything to update the Committee with.  Matt said he wished he did have information but he did not.  Terri asked Matt how we move forward as far as our Plan development goes, do we continue as business as usual?  Matt said it affects his job too and the potential for him to have a job.  Matt said he is not in the loop and until something comes out on paper he doesn’t see the real conversations happening.

Terri said ever since she came here, the Board of Directors, for economic reasons, have been discussing the possibility of contracting out for the collection of our drop-off sites.  To that end, the Commissioners issued a RFP in January.  The bid opening was in March of this year and we had only one bidder, which was Rumpke.  At that time the Commissioners decided not to enter into that contract.  Since then the Board asked Bill Cole and Terri to look at revisions to that contract.  Terri said one of the reasons the Board has gone back and forth on whether or not to contract it out is our year-end carry-over balance and what projections are throughout 2015 and beyond.  Our projections through 2015 have our carry-over going down $140,000, $160,000 and finally $180,000 in year three.  For those reasons, the Board has discussed contracting out our recycling services.  Tom Woltz asked if the District still gave $50,000 to the Sheriff Departments.  Terri said no, they receive $25,000.  Tom asked what other organizations we give to.  Terri said we give  to the Health Departments and Meigs County Recycling & Litter Prevention.  Terri said we give $192,000 to the Health and Sheriff Departments and $45,000 to Meigs County.  Tom asked how the benefit weighs in to the costs.  Terri said it would cost the District more if we did Meigs County’s recycling.  Janelle McManis spoke and said the Vinton County Health Department has 2 clean-up days which helps the District meet their goals and they also apply and utilize tire grant funds.  Without the District’s funds these things would not get done.  Tom Woltz said the Committee has to decide what is important, keep the recycling going and what direction they want to go. Terri said this is the basis of what the Committee has to decide to go on with our Plan.  Barb Bradley, Gallia County Health Department, said they have already cleaned up 10,000 tires this year and without the funds those tires would be in a ditch somewhere.  Tom Woltz said he was looking for alternatives and didn’t say that not spending those funds was the answer.  Tom said they have to decide which direction they want to go, either eliminating jobs here or clean-ups somewhere else.  Harold Montgomery said we first have to identify what plateaus we have to meet to satisfy our Plan and how to achieve that economically.  Tom Woltz said villages and cities have to decide what benefit it is to them to help us meet our goals; we have to do what is in the best interest of the citizens of the District.


Harold asked our attorney Bill Cole if he had anything to add and Bill said he had nothing at this time.


Harold also asked the Policy Committee to think about someone from each of their counties to serve on a sub-committee for the planning process for our Plan Update.


With a motion by Barb Bradley and a second by Jerry Hall, the Policy Committee adjourned at 4:10 p.m.









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