Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Vinton Solid Waste Management District

Policy Committee




The Policy Committee of the Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Vinton Solid Waste Management District met Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.

Call to Order

Chairman, Harold Montgomery, called the meeting to order @ 2:00 p.m.  

Roll Call was taken with the following members present:  Gallia County: Harold Montgomery, James Cozza, Jimmy Allen, Terry Hemby for Barb Bradley, Doug Lester, Randy Halley; Jackson County: Randy Heath, Greg Ervin, Roy Arthur, Jerry Hall, Tom Woltz; Meigs County: Tom Anderson, Mike Gerlach,  Jon Jacobs, Marilyn Anderson, John Musser; Vinton County: Mike Bledsoe, Jim Wooddell (late for Roll Call), L.J. Stewart for Nick Rupert, Jerry Hawk for Matt Chesser, Jerry Zinn for Vicky Maxwell.  Guests included: Bruce Downard, Tom Wallace and Nick Rupert, Jr. of Rumpke; District Staff present were Terri Marchi, Mike Massie and Cindy Saltsman and District Attorney, Bill Cole.


Old Business

Guests introduced themselves and then Minutes of 6/22/11 were reviewed.  Cindy Saltsman told the Committee that she had made a couple of changes to the minutes which were: adding Milton Township Trustee of Jackson County to guests Mike Hall and Phil Thompsons names and she had Mike Bledsoe as chairman on the signature line and it was changed to Harold Montgomery’s name.  Mike Bledsoe also had a correction to the minutes:  on page four the last paragraph: when asked if the commissioners would make the same recommendation knowing of the changes Mike Bledsoe said he said “Would have absolutely voted the same way”.  Greg Ervin made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected, Jon Jacobs seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.



Terri asked the Committee if those who had email addresses if it was alright to forward all information via email instead of thru the mail and those that did said it was okay to do so.


Board of Directors Update

Jerry Zinn, Vinton County Commissioner, gave a presentation with some insight on how

the Board recommended the fee structure to $1.50/$3.00/$1.50.  Jerry said he didn’t think

it was fair for the Committee to come in here not knowing any details to base their

decision on.  The Board has put a lot of time in looking at the budget to see where

we can become solvent. Jerry passed out the scenarios they based their decision on

(Attached as part of these minutes).  With the $1.00/$2.00/$1.00 scenario the District

would be broke in 2014 with a deficit of $376,949.  If that happens, they go back

to each county and millage goes on everyone’s taxes.  Rumpke has already said the

tonnage would not be back where it was.  The $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 scenario was looked at

and Jerry said even with these figures the carry-over goes down $150,000 year.  That

means we are going to have to make changes in our recycling programs and the services

we offer within the district.  This will happen even if the tonnage is back at the level it

was.  Jerry said he looked at the inflation table and with the $2.00 we had it is at $2.88

now. If you just go on inflation, the $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 is not out of line. We are right in

the middle with all the solid waste districts in the state of Ohio.  Terri Marchi said

of the multi county districts there are 8 @ 2/4/2 and 8 @ 1/2/1 and a variety of different

in the middle.  Rumpke is now hauling to Brown County, which is a longer haul.  Brown

County said they were not interested in the increased tonnage coming in there, they are

concerned with the life of their landfill.  Jerry said it was nothing against Rumpke, it was

a matter of being solvent.  Jerry said he would hate to go back to the citizens and have to

put taxes on to support the Solid Waste District.  Jerry said we have a better shot making

it solvent with the $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 scenario.  With the 1/2/1 scenario it is 100% sure

that it will be on the taxes.  Tom Woltz asked if the figures were based on the 2010, 2009,

2008 tonnages.  Cindy Saltsman said the figures were based on the average tonnage from

January thru May of 2011.  Randy Heath asked if the figures in yellow were a minor drop

or a major drop in tonnage and Terri Marchi said those projections were made before  we got official notice of the diversion of tonnage.  Jerry Zinn said they reflect business as it was, this does not reflect the diversion of trash from Beech Hollow.  Jerry said they just want to be fair and what they recommended was right in the middle.  If they wanted to be argumentative they would have just left it at 2/4/2.  We are trying to compromise and work out an equitable solution.  We propose (the Board of Directors) that the Policy Committee adopt the $1.50/$3.00/$1.50.


New Projections

Terri Marchi told the Committee to look at the financials in their packets (attached as part of these minutes).  The revenue is based upon Rumpke bringing in “in district” only.  The expenditures were trimmed down to reflect them as realistically as we could.  2012 and 2013 were trimmed down as well, we plugged in a 3% increase in the line items we have no control over.  In salaries and fringes there is no reduction there because at this time we don’t know what the table of organization of the GJMVSWMD to remain solvent is going to look like.  Terri said to keep in mind that the main thing we have to provide to the citizens of these four counties is recycling opportunities to 90% of the district.  We are doing that now and then some.  It could be that we may have to dial back our recycling activities to drop-off only as opposed to the office paper recycling, not having the buyback, the assistance to the City of Jackson, Village of Coalton, Village of Oak hill, and assistance to Meigs County.   The budgets in 2012 and 2013 reflect reductions in the service provision but not complete elimination.  The salaries and fringes were left at 1% increase in 2012 and 3% increase in 2013.  Those figures are in response to what will it take to get us through until the next plan update.  These figures are different than the ones Jerry passed out mainly because of the diversion of tonnage from Beech Hollow.  Terri went on to say that the District has challenges ahead of us as far as what the district looks like, what kind of money it is going to take to provide what is mandatory for us to provide.  If we can continue to provide additional programs or if we go another route.  To put our mandatory recycling program, which would be the 90%, out to bid.  Then a company like Rumpke would bid to provide our recycling activities for us.

The following comments/questions were made/asked by some of the members:


Randy Heath asked if recycling was in the Buyback $113,000 line item and Terri said that is correct.  Randy went on to ask what was in Contract Services.  Terri said legal, the last payment for the building, contracts with the sheriff’s and health departments, Meigs County recycling, hauling recyclables away from the recycling center, things like that.  The reduction in 2013 from 2012 reflects the payment of the building being paid off in 2012.  Randy said when he became Mayor of Jackson, the citizens wanted the recycling program brought back.  They made an investment in it, they took an employee from another department and put them on recycling.  We have 900 to 1000 homes participating in the recycling program and our schools have really taken a great interest as well.  Randy said his fear was they were going to teach a whole generation of children that it just wasn’t worth and don’t need to recycle anymore.  Three years of dedicated effort for future generations is out the door.


Mike Bledsoe said they have to remember that they are talking about four counties here.  Mike asked what the Health Departments received and Terri said two of them go $25,000 and two got $23,000, Cindy corrected the $23,000 and said it was $21,000.  Mike asked how much the Sheriff Departments received and Terri said $200,000.  Mike said it is not just one thing.  Mike said if we have start to cutting back in the four counties, it’s going to be the Health Departments, the Sheriff Departments, were not just talking to cut back one thing.  Terri said in the contract services line item, she did cut those things.  Mike Bledsoe said their Health Departments uses the money contributed from the Board as match monies from other grants, our Sheriff Departments uses the money out picking up trash off the roads.  Mike said if we start cutting these programs to get the budget inline, we’re talking four counties and the cities.  


Jim Wooddell asked if what was in parentheses on page two was a positive and Terri said it was a negative.  Jim asked if that was on the $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 and Terri said yes.  Terri said this is a significant decrease. At $1.50/$3.00/$1.50, it is our understanding that tonnage will not be coming into Beech Hollow, those are projected receipts coming in for in district only.  Jim clarified the reason Rumpke is taking the tonnage out of district to Brown County because it helps them financially.  Bruce said we are paying $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 at Brown County.  Someone has said it costs us more to take it there but it is not costing us more to take it to Brown County.  We are a direct haul to a landfill across the river with no fees so the net, bottom line to Rumpke, is it makes more sense to do what they are doing than to pay the higher fees.

Tom Woltz wanted to know what the life expectancy of the Brown County Landfill once you increase the tonnage. Bruce said right now it was 50 years and that that included the increase.  Tom Woltz asked with 1000 tons increase and Bruce said they are not getting 1000 a day.  Tom Wallace of Rumpke said the stuff along the river is going to Kentucky and the stuff from the Circleville/Fayette County was going to Brown County.  Bruce said over 400 tons a day is going to Kentucky.  


Harold Montgomery wanted clarification on the $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 and 2/4/2, if the fees are these, you take the tonnage to other landfills.  Bruce said yes.  Harold said Rumpke is only looking at 1/2/1 and Bruce said yes.

Tom Wallace asked if the figures included the Meigs County transfer station tonnage.  Cindy Saltsman said we do not receive any monies from the Meigs County transfer station.  Terri said if the tonnage was landfilled we receive a fee.


Jim Wooddell asked if the figures on page three were a positive figure, the $422,000 amount.  Terri said it was a positive.  Jim said you are assuming that the tonnage has increased.  Terri said we are going on the verbal from Bruce that if the landfill fees are 1/2/1 the tonnage would resume at Beech Hollow and those numbers were based on the averages of 2011.  Bruce said if it was at 1/2/1 the tonnage would be the same as it was last month, which we did about 1500 to 1600 tons per day.


Randy Heath asked when the current Plan was up and Terri said 2013.  Randy went on to say that obviously Rumpke has a long term future at that landfill and wanted to know if in the future say 2050 it has to be 1/2/1 then.   Bruce said they feel like at 1/2/1 they can be competitive.  You make your money on volume.  The price goes up the volume goes down.  Bruce said for fifteen years we have steadily increased the tonnage, the tonnage we have lost we are trying to find the tonnage to replace it with.  Tom Wallace said he does third party sales, 90% of that in the landfill.  He finds it more competitive at Kentucky than here.  You don’t have to pay anything at the Kentucky site, they have C & D sites where you don’t have to pay anything but $60.00.  If you bring it in Ohio you have to pay the fees on them, Health Departments get a fee off of it.  Greg Ervin said they got a small fee.  Tom Wallace said he didn’t say it was a great fee, they get a cut the State gets a cut, then pay the disposal.  Harold Montgomery said the restrictions Tom was speaking of in Ohio is something we have to deal with and also, we have recycling and demands they don’t have there in Kentucky.  Harold said he knows we are competing against those areas and Tom Wallace said you are also competing with the landfills and solid waste districts right next door to you.  Harold said at the same time we have a landfill in Gallia County that has been paying 2/4/2 for fifteen years, no rebates or anything of that nature.  Waste Management is in Gallia County trying to compete for tonnage that Rumpke is landfilling for 1/2/1 and Waste Management is paying 2/4/2.  There again there is not an equal field there.  Harold went on to say that this Policy Committee is here to establish a rate since we don’t have a contract to encompass our full district.  There are two operating landfills, one in Gallia County and one in Jackson County, Meigs County waste goes out of district.  We have to look at a just fee, whether it is 1/3/1, 2/4/2 or 1/2/1, we know everyone has to compete with other entities to make a profit.  No disrespect to Rumpke or anyone else, we have to focus on what we feel is best for our district at the point.  We have obligations to carry on that has been put on every district in the state.  We have a mechanism to generate income pay for them without going back to the tax payers (as Jerry and Mike have stated).  Right now we are able to provide this without tax payers paying for it.


Randy Heath wanted clarification on the 1/2/1 scenario.  He said we are going to have a greater ending balance with $422,000 than if we go to $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 and they do not bring in that trash then we are $681,000 in the hole.  Whatever boat we take today, when will it take effect?  Terri said not until the ratification process is done.  After some confusion on when the tonnage would be coming in and when it was not, Bruce Downard said he would have to talk to Andy about that.   If we knew it was going to be a 1/2/1 and that process was started and it looked like that was going to be ratified, would we turn  our tons around tomorrow or next week and haul it in under the 2-4-2  rate until its ratified, he may do that.  Bruce said again “may”: “he’s the vice president, I’m just the manager”.

Tom Woltz asked whether there was a potential for an increase in tonnage at the Gallia County Landfill if the fees are lowered.  Harold Montgomery said there is potential but not at that magnitude because it is a smaller operation, their permit is at 600 tons per day maximum.  Tom asked what they were currently at and Harold said 150.  

Bruce Downard said if the fees are 1/2/1, they would put a guarantee of an annual dollar amount of $600,000 on the table, guaranteed.  Whether we bring in 200,000 tons or 10,000 tons, we will guarantee $600,000.

Tom Woltz asked if the fees were ever changed.  Terri said they have always been at 2/4/2.  Bruce said with the contract it was a tiered system, the first 500 tons it was $2.50 the second 500 it was $1.50.  Tom Woltz said currently you are getting 1/2/1 and Bruce said that is correct.  Tom Woltz said if you were dumping $24.00 per ton in 1996, you are not still dumping at $24.00 per ton.  Terri asked Bruce if it was still $28.85 and Bruce said it was now at $32.00.  Bill Cole said the contract kept the gate rate low.  Tom Woltz also mentioned that earlier in the year there was discussion about recycling things that could be done to offset that 1/2/1 versus the 2/4/2, have  those been explored by either party?  Harold Montgomery said there are two different issues there.  We have discussed with Rumpke about the recycling of the district, it has to go out to bid.  We can’t just award a contract, if it’s over $25,000 it has to be bid.  So there may be other entities that may want to bid for recycling for our district.  Tom Woltz said he was not referring to that, he was referring to someone purchasing equipment for sorting and separating for your garbage.  Harold said that was in Columbus but we still would have to go out for a bid on.  Tom Woltz said he wasn’t sure if there was in ORC that would allow for a joint venture between a corporation and a government agency that would help to facilitate something of that nature.  Bill Cole said we can contract, we are mandated by statue for recycling.  

Tom Anderson wanted to know what our guaranteed tonnage was right now.  Terri said zero.  Tom asked what it was.  Terri said it was $615,000.  Bruce Downard said it wasn’t a guaranteed tonnage amount it was a guaranteed dollar amount.  Tom asked Bruce if at 1/2/1 could he guarantee tonnage.  Bruce said no, he could guarantee a dollar amount.  Tom asked if the $600,000 amount would keep us solvent.  Jerry Zinn said no.  Terri said not unless we make some changes operationally as well.  Bruce said last year they brought $756,000.  The $600,000 was a minimum guarantee, it is in their best interest to bring in more tons.  


Randy Halley brought up what Mike Massie brought up at last meeting.  The Chillicothe facility was 45 miles farther to go to Brown County than Beech Hollow, which amounts to 90 miles both ways.  Randy Halley said he has been in the trucking business a lot of years and when you are discussing an 80,000# truck, you are talking about 6 miles per gallon, that’s 15 gallons of fuel.  At $4.00 a gallon fuel at a reduced rate you are talking about a $60.00 fee in fuel.  These trucks probably weigh about 30,000.  They probably get about 5 miles to a gallon and that’s 25 tons at $1.00 per ton on a ration of 1/2/1 to $1.50/$3.00/$1.50.  Out of district trash would raise $1.00 a ton. That’s $25.00 a load versus $60.00 a load.

Randy Halley said of course you have other set costs.  Bruce said they used to have eight trucks run out of Haver Hill with three runs everyday, we no longer have that.  Those tons are being direct hauled into River City Disposal.  Randy Halley asked if Bruce ended the contract with Joe Ramey who hauled for them and Bruce said no.  Bruce said he still does some for them.  Bruce said since we lost those tons and those tons are no longer coming in, he no longer has to run a trash tipper at the landfill everyday.

Greg Ervin wanted to know from a legal perspective because it is going to take six months to change the fees, is there any possibility of some kind of agreement with the three facilities to offer incentive or rebate back at the current fees which is the 2/4/2.  Harold Montgomery said we only have two facilities and Greg said Pike Sanitation had some involvement.  Bill Cole said he thought we could contract with them as long as we have rationale for it.  Greg said if we could do something like that maybe that would be incentive.  Maybe a good faith effort.  If this process is going through and going to change maybe something that would better fit Rumpke’s business plan.   Could also be something going back as that tonnage increases, the same for Gallia County.  Mike Bledsoe said to  Bill Cole he thought EPA said there could be no contracts.  Bill  said no, what EPA said was that the contract expired and we could no longer pay them under that Plan, the Plan says its done.  They (EPA) did tell Terri we could enter into a Memorandum of Understanding.  Terri said it should have an out clause for both parties and is not binding.  Bill said he understands that that is EPA’s position.  Terri said that you cannot use a contractual agreement to circumvent the fee structure comment which has been consistently been communicated from the EPA office.  Bill said the letter did no say that.  Terri said that is correct but he (Andrew Booker) did go on record and said that.  Bill Cole said he understood but when he put it in writing it was not there, it was simply that the contract expired.  Mike Bledsoe said when he met with the Board it was on record that he said no more contract.  Bill Cole said he understood that but there are contracts in the state and Rumpke’s position is we can enter into a contract with them and they are willing to indemnify us for any liability we would have.


Harold Montgomery read Resolution 0711 – A (attached as part of these minutes)

Mike Bledsoe said upon recommendation of the Executive Board to the District Board of Directors, Mike Bledsoe made a motion to approve Resolution 0711 – A, Jerry Zinn seconded the motion.  Discussion then followed:

Randy Heath asked Bill Cole if there were those that had other feelings on this.  Does this measure have to be disposed of one way or the other before and other consideration could be given to other fees.  Bill Cole said once this resolution is passed the District will immediately start the process to change the fees.  Randy said what he was asking was does this have to be voted down before another fee structure could be considered.  Does it have to be as presented.  Bill said he didn’t believe so, the Policy Committee actually controls it.  Mike Bledsoe said he believed the Policy Committee is following the direction of the District Board at the Executive Boards recommendation.  Bill said he didn’t think they were necessarily bound by it.  Mike said he would think so. Bill said it is the Policy Committees who actually writes the Plan, not the Board.  Harold Montgomery said it is a recommendation from the Board but the Policy Committee is not under mandate to accept that.  Mike said he made the motion under the recommendation of the Board and Harold Montgomery said that his motion was to accept this resolution upon the recommendation of the Board and Executive Board.  Randy Heath said he was just one person and he felt that if the fees were lowered to 1/2/1 and the trash was being brought back in, this District would be better off and if Rumpke decides to not bring the trash in and we’re in the hole by the end of 2013 if we go to $1.50/$3.00/$1.50.  Randy said he felt that we need to bring in as much money into our district as we can.  It appears that the scenarios Rumpke has given us will allow us to bring in the most money to our district. Randy wanted to know if the motion was to be voted on as is and could not be amended.  Bill Cole said it had to be voted on as is.  Jerry Zinn said in due respect to Mr. Heath, he was sorry this committee is not privy to everything that takes place.  The commissioners meet here month after month and deals with all the financial aspects of this district.  We as commissioners have studied this and looked at these figures time and time again and that recommendation was unanimous by all four counties.  Jim Wooddell asked if this motion is passed how long is it in effect.  Harold Montgomery said until 2013 when we write a new Plan.  Jim Wooddell asked if everything was okay at 2/4/2 when everything was going back to Rumpke.  Terri said there was a sufficient amount of revenue coming in.  Jim asked if it was done the same way, is wouldn’t produce enough money?  Jerry Zinn said he disagreed with Terri and said there was not enough money coming in, we were still going to be broke in 2014.  Terri said for further clarification, if the expenditures would have been reigned in a little bit better, there would have been a sufficient amount of money with that $600,000/$700,000 a year.  Terri said her response in terms of sufficiency, to move forward and try to determine how to run the programs, she felt you could run the district on $600,000/$700,000.  Jerry said sure you can but its a shames to regress on what we have been doing.  Jim Wooddell said somewhere he heard EPA said something and when it was put in writing they did not include it.  Bill said that was correct.  Harold Montgomery said EPA is on record saying we can’t enter into contracts.  Mike Bledsoe said EPA was here at one of our meetings, on record and said that.  Bill Cole said EPA said when they addressed it to the Board in writing the only thing they said was the contract expired therefore, you have to comply with your Plan.  The Plan after the expiration of the contract does not allow for payment to Rumpke for the Host Fee.  Jim Wooddell asked why wouldn’t we get clarification from them.  Mike Bledsoe said they (EPA) did put it on record.  Jim Wooddell asked if its wrong, why did they let it go on for fifteen years, it’s EPA and he wants them on record.  Mike Bledsoe said they are on record.  Jim Wooddell said he wanted it in writing.  Mike Bledsoe said the tape and minutes are record.  James Cozza asked if he heard Terri say we could enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Rumpke to rebate back to them as was done under the contract.  Harold Montgomery said you could enter into that Memorandum of Understanding that would be non-binding with an out clause for each party.  Bill Cole said a Memorandum of Understanding is contractual having given consideration for that contract is binding.  Tom Anderson said he felt we should make as much money as we can and at 1/2/1 we would make more money.  Mike Bledsoe questioned Tom’s statement saying he voted for the recommendation and Tom said he didn’t vote for it, he didn’t declare.  Mike said when the Board voted it was a unanimous vote.  Tom said he did not vote for it.  Tom said he thought it was locked at two and two of the Executive Committee.  Terri said Lois and Jerry wanted to stay at $1.50/$3.00/$1.50, the Executive Committee could not make a recommendation.  Jerry Zinn told Terri she cannot comment on what went on in Executive Committee.  Mike Bledsoe said he was talking about the district meeting and it was a unanimous vote.  James Cozza asked his question again to Terri.  Earlier it was stated that we could enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Rumpke and continue the 2/4/2 and continue the rebate back to them as was done under the old contract that that would be legal, yes or no?  Terri said if we would identify certain services that they would provide to us for that fee.  We would go away from the rebate notion.  What we would do is for X amount of dollars, Rumpke would provide to the GJMV these services which could include similar criteria that was in the old contract. Such as a guaranteed gate rate, which was kept fairly low by comparisons standards, provide a transfer station if something would happen at Beech Hollow and a certain amount of tonnage that would come into the landfill.  Tom Woltz asked if that had to be bid and Terri said what we have determined to be bid was if someone came in and took over our recycling.  Terri read part of Andrew Booker’s letter:  It appears, based on the discussion at the Board meeting, that at least some members of the Board may have had an interest in extending the contract and had not realized that the Plan no longer provided for this (or possibly they did not realize that the Plan had any limiting impact on the Board to pursue the issue).  It also appears that Rumpke would prefer to have the contract extended.  I understand the long standing relationship that has existed between the GMJV SWMD and Rumpke and the significance of the landfill to the funding of the SWMD.  Unfortunately, if it was the wish of the Board, Policy Committee, and Rumpke to extend the contract, this is an issue that should have been fully explored during the plan writing phase and incorporated into the Plan.  At this point, the SWMD does have several options available to it, although these options require following certain statutory procedures.

For example, if it is determined that it is desirable to lower the fee structure and/or modify the budget, the SWMD can enact changes to the fees and possibly the budget without going through a full plan re-write.  This process would likely take four to six months to complete.  If broader changes are being contemplated to the SWMD functions, then a full plan re-write may be warranted, which would likely take longer.

The SWMD does have the authority to enter into contracts for a broad range of purposes, and in the future it may make sense to secure some type of contract with the landfill for certain services or assurances.  If a contract results in significant expenditures, however, the plan would need to be revised to reflect these expenditures.   Therefore, the SWMD would have to go through the plan revision process, or at least the process to revise the budget section of the plan.

Terri said you can do this but we have to identify if it’s significant money we are paying to an outside agency.  Those services being provided to the district have to be commensurate to the amount of money being involved in a contract.  Those specifics in conversation was what would be the cost of a transfer station, what would be the cost of guaranteed tonnage, what would be the cost of the lowered gate rate, those are certainly things that could be included if we were to go into a Memorandum of Understanding, which would be non-binding and each party would be able to exercise an out clause.

Jerry Hall asked if as of right now are we were getting a guarantee from Rumpke.  Harold Montgomery said no.  Jerry asked if there was any way possible for Rumpke to guarantee us $600,000 for this next year and go to the 1/2/1 until the new agreement is formulated.  That would give us a look at what we would have for the next year, would that be an option?  Harold Montgomery said he heard earlier that the Rumpke stated that they would guarantee $600,000 minimum.  Harold Montgomery said they need to vote on the motion, which is to adopt the $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 fee, if it not adopted, we need to have an alternative.  Roll Call was called for backwards at the request of the chairman: Jerry Zinn for Vicki Maxwell, yes; Jerry Hawk for Matt Chesser, yes; Rex Phillips, not present; L.J. Stewart for Nick Rupert, no; Janelle McManis, not present; Jim Wooddell, yes; Mike Bledsoe, yes; John Musser, no; Marilyn Anderson, no; Jon Jacobs, no; Dave Weber, not present; Larry Marshall, not present; Mike Gerlach, no; Tom Anderson, no; Tom Carlisle, not present; Roy Arthur, no; Tom Woltz, no; Dan Lockard, not present; Greg Ervin, no; Randy Heath, no; Jerry Hall, no; Brett Boothe, not present; Randy Halley, yes; Doug Lester, yes; Terri Hemby for Barb Bradley, yes; James Allen, yes; James Cozza, no; Harold Montgomery, yes;  9 yes votes and 12 no votes.  Motion failed.


Randy Heath made a motion, 0711 – B, to change the fees to $1.00 In district, $2.00 Out of District and $1.00 Out of State contingent on a guarantee of $600,000 a year from Rumpke Waste.  Terri said they should explore additional things that would be similar to the previous contract if they are going to go that route.  Greg Ervin said such as the gate rate, transfer station, specific tonnage.  Randy Heath withdrew his motion and made another motion that the Board adopt Resolution 0711 – B, the numbers $1.50/$3.00/$1.50 are changed to $1.00/$2.00/$1.00.  Contingent upon Rumpke guaranteeing $600,000.  Harold Montgomery asked Mr. Cole if they could put a district rate with stipulations.  Bill Cole said if you put it with stipulations you can’t go out until the stipulations are met.  Harold asked how EPA would feel about that and Bill Cole said EPA has no control on how we change our fees.  Harold asked if they should run it by EPA before they took official action.  Bill said if you want something in writing, yes.  Harold asked if a Memorandum of Understanding remained the same at 2/4/2 with a side bar of conditions with the landfills of the district to increase tonnage, the same thing we had before with different wording.  Terri asked if that would still necessitate the terminology of indemnification.  Bill Cole said yes.  Terri asked if that could be perceived as circumventing the fee structure.  Bill Cole said not if we enter into the same agreement or similar understanding with Waste Management.

Harold Montgomery recommended that we go into a MOU with both landfills of the district and leave the fees at 2/4/2.  Terri said it is important that we specifically clarify for what services we will be returning half of those tipping fees back to private operators.  Bill said you can add an amendment to the 1/2/1 or you can enter into that agreement and the Policy Committee can choose not to take any action.  Harold Montgomery said that would only be until 2013 and then they would re-write the policy.

Randy Heath withdrew all of his motions.  Randy Heath made a motion to leave the fee structure at 2/4/2 with the understanding that wishes Policy Committee be referred back to the Board of Directors to see if a Memorandum of Understanding can be agreed to with the landfill operators of the district with the scenario where we can return the 1/2/1 to them in exchange for service we believe are deemed warranted.  Greg Ervin seconded the motion.  All were in favor of the motion.




With a motion by Mike Bledsoe and a second by Tom Anderson, the Policy Committee adjourned at 3:38 p.m.







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