Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Vinton Solid Waste Management District

Policy Committee




The Policy Committee of the Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Vinton Solid Waste Management District met Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 3:30 p.m.

Call to Order

Chairman, Harold Montgomery, called the meeting to order @ 3:30 p.m.  

Roll Call was taken with the following members present:  Gallia County: Harold Montgomery, Brett Boothe, Lorie Neal, James Allen, Barb Bradley; Jackson County: Jerry Hall, Randy Heath, Greg Ervin (late for Roll Call), Roy Arthur, Tom Woltz; Meigs County:  Tim Ihle, Tom Anderson, Jon Jacobs, Steve Swatzel - Proxy for Larry Marshall; Vinton County: Janelle McManis, Vicki Maxwell, Mike Bledsoe, Gerald Stewart – Proxy for Nick Rupert Sr.  Guests included:  Nick Rupert, Jr. of Rumpke.  District Staff present were Terri Marchi and Cindy Saltsman.


Old Business


Minutes of 7/12/12 were reviewed.  Harold Montgomery had a correction on page two: change where it read “the Commissioners” to “the Board of Directors”, to make it all consistent. Mike Bledsoe made a motion to accept 7/12/12 minutes after corrections were made, Barb Bradley seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.


Director’s Report  Terri Marchi said we have two vacancies on the Policy Committee with the untimely death of Tom Carlisle and the retiring of Greg Ervin.  Terri took this time to say she appreciated getting to know and working with Greg Ervin.  She wished him many long happy years in his retirement.

Terri updated the Committee on what the Planning Committee had been discussing in their work sessions.  Terri clarified a couple of changes on the scenarios that were handed out to them at today’s meeting: one being the fees in Scenario B were listed at 1/3/1, but they were changed to 1/2/1 during the work session; the other being the start date for the RFP shows 2016 whereas the Planning Committee is working on a January 1, 2014 start date.  Terri stated that we do have an RFP out right now.  The Planning Committee recommended to the Board of Directors to go ahead with another RFP and the Board of Directors did so at their last meeting.  Terri said we are at section 8 in the planning process which is the 15 year budget.  Sections 1, 3 & 4 (Introduction section, list of our inventories and waste generation and reduction, which are all mandatory) were finished and handed out for their review.  Terri said one week from today (August 1) is the opening of bids for anyone who wants to bid on the RFP.

Randy Heath asked why the out of state money we receive can’t be the same as the out of district.  Harold Montgomery said it was because of the Interstate Commerce.  Terri Marchi said she thought it was in the Ohio Revised Code at that type of tier, but don’t hold her to that.  Harold Montgomery said he couldn’t answer that question.  

Randy Heath voiced his concern about losing the District’s money for reimbursement for the City of Jackson’s Curbside program.  He said the City of Jackson has the most successful recycling program in the district and that even the schools were recycling.  Terri asked him if he was aware that the Jackson Schools stopped their cardboard collection and Randy said he was not.  Randy said he was talking more about educating the children and Terri said we could still do that.  He stated that they had one person doing the recycling and that the money the District gave them was not enough to sustain the program but he felt he had a better chance for pushing for the program if he had the $15,000 the District gives them.  Randy said his fear was that if you pull the recycling because of money then you are telling the children that recycling is not important.  Terri said if the District money is not enough to sustain your program then why couldn’t you to collect them and drop off your material at the drop-off sites, if it’s not enough to sustain your program is it enough to force you to have to shut it down?  Randy said no, but the buyback money is enough to make an argument for it.  Randy wanted clarification of the RFP and asked if the people who get the bid will be able to make money off the recycling materials and do we know how much that will be?  Terri said there were a lot of variables on that.  Tom Woltz said the past history of the District of money received was around $200,000.  Randy asked if that could be $200,000 on top of whatever the bid is, Tom Woltz said yes.  Randy asked what the cost is and Terri said about $450,000.  Tom Woltz said that excludes what we get back.  Tom Woltz asked Nick Rupert is he knew what to anticipate, Nick said that answer comes from the top and he had no control of that.  Terri Marchi said the good news is this time there are other businesses that have the bid packets: Waste Management, Sojourners and Osborne’s.  Terri said that is better than just one out from the District’s viewpoint.  Terri said she felt that she doesn’t think anybody that has been working on this hasn’t struggled with the choices that this constitutes and asked Harold if that was a fair assumption.  Harold said that is correct.  He went on to say that our budgets declining and don’t see our revenue in the future going up.  Volumes at the landfills are down.  Right now we are in a contract with Rumpke with an annual guarantee.  Harold said he understands Randy Heath’s concern about their recycling and there might be something about shifting money that we give each county.  Terri Marchi said in long range planning that perhaps once things settle down there is a possibility that the City of Jackson and Meigs Soil and Water might apply for a grant for $15,000 or $20,000.  We could have a program where we can do that.  Harold Montgomery asked Randy Health to explain their curbside program.  Randy said they have curbside to every house in the community and it is collected every other week.  They have one employee that collects it with the help sometimes of community service workers.  The materials go to the District and the District reimburses the City of Jackson for it.  Terri said if they could get someone else for their plastic then the rest of their material could be reimbursed in Jackson.  Randy Heath said he would find anyway he can to keep this program going because he believes it is that valuable.

Terri then updated the Committee on the latest updates from EPA.  They were meeting today and it was about possibly changing the solid waste fees. The first scenario was to collect all fees from landfills and there is no formula yet as to how to parcel that money out to districts; the second scenario was to have a flat $4.59 fee, GJMV could lose $500,000 to $1,000,000; the third scenario was a flat fee of $1.65 and the districts could add a generation fee (has to be lower) on top of that, GJMV would again lose $500,000 to $1,000,000.  None of these are good for us as they are being proposed now.  That is another scary thing about trying to plan a 15 year budget.  Randy Heath said those three options are game changers and wondered how we could start a new plan with such uncertainties.  Harold Montgomery said there are other parts to that as well; they are also talking about combining districts.  Janelle McManis asked if all three options included keeping the district.  Harold said these options were just discussing fees.  Janelle McManis said the first option sounds like they are by-passing districts completely.  Terri said under that scenario we would have to do education and public awareness.  Terri said  scenario one was an answer to SB 290 that said that districts themselves could not do recycling in their districts if there were two or more recyclers in the district.  This is in response to that bill; EPA will tell districts what to do.  Terri asked her planner why we had to start our planning process and was told to go on with how the rules are now; we’ll worry about the rule changes when they come. Terri said we are going ahead with this Plan and it could be obsolete, or we could be worrying about nothing.  For all these changes to take place we have to have a majority of republicans and democrats that vote for them.  Harold said the most challenging part of this Plan is to get a 15 year budget that we can work with.  Greg Ervin said he thought we had to go ahead with what we have now and if things change then we’ll have to adapt.  Terri said if a bid comes in and it is not within the Boards liking we will have to reduce our services and do what is just required (the drop-offs).  We will have to consider discontinuing curbsides, newspaper collection and aluminum can buyback.  The Bid opening will be August 1 @ 3:30 and the Board will meet August 8 @ 3:30.


Randy Heath said he appreciates everything the District’s done. His questions and statements are not to be condescending or condemning they are questions he had to ask on behalf of the City of Jackson.  Harold said he understands that.


With a motion by Barb Bradley and a second by Randy Heath, the Policy Committee adjourned at 4:16 p.m.









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