Gallia Jackson Meigs Vinton Solid Waste Management District * 1056 S. New Hampshire Avenue * Wellston, Ohio  45692
 740-384-2164 *
Formed in 1989, the Gallia, Jackson, Meigs, Vinton Solid Waste Management
District was originally part of a six-county district.  In 1993, our four counties
acted to establish the current District composition.  The District is a County
Government Agency and our focus is on recycling and not putting recyclable
materials in our landfills.

The District’s population totals approximately 99,588 residents and
encompasses  an area of 1,737 square miles.  Two sanitary landfills are
located in the District: Beech Hollow Landfill in Jackson County and the
Gallia County Landfill in Gallia County.

The District’s recycling activities include opportunities for drop-off recycling
in 28 locations accessible to the public 24 hours per day/seven days per week.
The City of Jackson and the Village of Gallipolis offers curbside recycling to
their residents.  The District is also a contributing partner to county
agencies in the sponsorship of special recycling collection  events held yearly.