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Recycling.Kids.General Info.About Us.
GJMV Solid Waste Management District * 1056 S. New Hampshire Avenue * Wellston, OH  45692
740-384-2164 *
Recycling.Kids.General Info.About Us.
Do you recycle in your home?
If you don’t, why not start?
All it takes is putting items
in a separate container other
than your trash.
You might want to start with
just a couple of items.
Did you know?
Recycling 15 glass bottles saves
enough energy to power a laptop
for 31.3 hours or run the A/C
for 1 hour.
Recycling 1 aluminum can saves
enough energy to run a TV set
for 3 hours.
Every ton of paper recycled saves
17 trees.
Hi! I’m Scotty the Scarecrow.
I am made from re-useable items.
Do you have anything that you can
Help save our environment! Start RECYCLING today!