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Recycling.Kids.General Info.About Us.
GJMV Solid Waste Management District * 1056 S. New Hampshire Avenue * Wellston, OH  45692
740-384-2164 *
Recycling.Kids.General Info.About Us.
The District is offering for sale: 12,600 square feet building for $506,596.00.  9600 square feet
warehouse space and 3000 square feet office space, commercially zoned,
and located within the City of Wellston.  Property address is 1056 S. New Hampshire Avenue.
Warehouse is metal, single story with concrete floor and five loading docks with dedicated office
and restroom area. There are 5 offices, kitchen and board room available.  Security system in place.
Commercial utility hookups (electric, gas, water and sewer) in place. Asphalt parking lot.
Call 740-384-2164 for information.