GJMV Recycles
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Where can I recycle Electronics?


Jackson County:  Osborne’s Scrap

                           Star Recycling - They accept all                            electronics with the exception of TV’s and                            monitors


Meigs County:  Meigs County Public Libraries

                        (Pomeroy, Middleport, Racine & Eastern)

                        Items accepted include: cell phones,                         pagers, iPods, ink cartridges, ink jets,

                        game boys, cassette tapes, CD’s, floppy

                        discs, calculators, remote controls,                         computer mouses, cameras, and most other

                        small electronics.  They also accept old

                        lap tops if they are dropped off at the                         Meigs Soil & Water District office.


Vinton County:  Sojourners Training Center





Check out Ohio Drop Off for disposal of TV’s